Make the Baldrige Framework “How You Work”: Lessons from Adventist Health Castle

by John Roberts on February 20, 2020

Steve Bovey shares how Adventist Health Castle makes Baldrige "How We Work"
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Make the Baldrige Framework “How You Work”: Lessons from Adventist Health Castle

Adventist Health Castle Make Baldrige "How You Work"
By Christine Schaefer

When Steve Bovey first learned about the Baldrige Excellence Framework, he was impressed that it was not “another flavor of the month” among management fads. In contrast, he said he saw that it is “a systematic framework that can apply to any type of business, which can use whatever flavor (performance improvement system) it has already chosen.”

“The Baldrige framework doesn’t need to replace what you have,” he added. “It makes what you have more effective.”

In the case of Adventist Health Castle (AHC)—the 2017 Baldrige Award recipient in Hawaii where Bovey serves as quality improvement coordinator—he summed up the benefits this way: “The Baldrige framework has helped us look at our organization from the 30,000-foot view to enhance alignment and integration.”

“The [Baldrige] Criteria have helped us identify our blind spots and become more systematic in our methodology through the use of ADLI. When we became more systematic about our real work, we achieved the results that we needed.”

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