Some USPTO Patent Fees Lowered Effective January 1, 2014

by John Roberts on January 7, 2014

In early 2013, the USPTO raised many of its fees while a few were lowered (see Federal Register Notice re: Final Rule – Setting and Adjusting Patent Fees (Effective March 19, 2013) [PDF] (January 18, 2013)).

While the fee increases took place almost a year ago, the following fee reductions were delayed until January 1, 2014:

  1. Publication Fee was $300 and is now $0, even for early-publication requests. This takes away one incentive to file a non-publication request.
  2. Issue fee was $1,780 and is now $960. That fee is reduced by 50% for small entities and 75% for micro entities and universities.
  3. PCT Fees are now subject to the small and micro entity status discounts.
  4. Assignment recordation was $40 and is now free if done electronically.

The upshot is that the USPTO has front-loaded its application fees to the start of the patent application process by raising filing-related fees while lowering publication, issuance, and recordation fees that are typically paid toward the end of the patent application process. This is good news for applicants with still-pending applications that filed before the filing fees went up, since they will get the benefit of these new lower fees when their applications issue. Once a patent issues, however, the periodic maintenance fees have been raised across the board.

View the updated fees here:

John Roberts



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