USPTO Winter Monthly Review

by John Roberts on April 1, 2021

A look back at the highlights of February and March 2021
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monthly review
united states patent and trademark office
A look back at the highlights of February and March 2021

Journeys of Innovation

Juliette Gordon Low postage stamp
Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girls Scouts of the USA, created a lasting organization for women’s empowerment.

A patent for girls’ empowerment

Juliette Gordon Low founded the Girl Scouts of the USA and patented the organization’s iconic trefoil badge in 1914. A three-leafed clover design adapted from the Boy Scouts’ similar badge, Low’s trefoil suggested a fundamental equality between girls and boys on the eve of women’s suffrage and continues to signal girls’ invaluable contributions to American life and culture.

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Artificial intelligence blog stock image
We are incorporating AI tools into two critical areas of patent examination: search and classification.

Artificial intelligence tools at the USPTO

Among the most important technological developments has been the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), a transformative technology that promises tremendous societal and economic benefits. USPTO operations can be one of its beneficiaries. The integration of AI technologies into next generation tools offers an exciting opportunity to enhance the quality and efficiency of patent and trademark examination.

By Drew Hirshfeld, performing the functions and duties of the Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the USPTO | Continue reading

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